Slow Cotswolds

Reviews of 'Slow Cotswolds'

"Readers will quickly draw the conclusion that Mills is knowledgeable and in love with the region in which she spent her formative years. This passion comes through in her prose and she manages to weave snippets of information relating to forebears' and personal connections with several of the destinations mentioned in the guide.


Rather than seeming self-indulgent, that helps create the impression that the author knows this part of the world well, and in no way distracts or detracts from this being an informative guide from which holidaymakers and staycationists can glean a stack of useful insights and tips. of the positive aspects of this Slow Guide is that Mills takes the time to explain what is there, thus accentuating the allure of attractions that might well have gained just a passing entry in some guides."


Stuart Forster, The Travel

"This is a very readable guidebook that manages to squeeze in enough information about places to visit, without creating a book that's heavy or unwieldy."


Teme Valley Times, November 2011

"Slow Cotswolds is a great example of an excellent local guide from a large travel publisher... Because Slow Cotswolds has been sensibly extended to include Bath and Oxford, as well as the traditional Cotswolds region, it's an essential addition to all of our summer excursion toolkits, offering stacks of tips to help us enjoy the natural riches on our doorstep."


Bath Life

In her book, Mills shares her love of the Cotswolds with an enthusiastic, personal narrative, guiding visitors from market towns to elegant abbeys, cheese-rolling competitions to Rollright Stones."


tlm magazine

This book has been invaluable in helping us connect to the Cotswolds. With the author's personal narrative and wit, along with just enough history to whet my appetite, Slow Cotswolds is now my bible!

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